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Let’s face it…planning for end of life, medical emergency or disability is a task that most people would rather put off or avoid altogether.  But proper estate planning is essential in assuring that you and your family will be prepared now and for long into the future.  We understand that your life, property, and vision for your future are deeply personal considerations and we can help you navigate the many legal options and choices that you will need to make in completing your estate planning.  We have a simple process that we follow and our goal is to make this as convenient as we can for you so that you check this off your list of things to get done.


Our firm provides a full range of estate planning and administration services:



Unfortunately some situations that you may find yourself in may require you to have to go to court to obtain certain relief or to perhaps resolve a dispute involving a trust or an estate matter.  Our attorneys are ready to handle your case and guide you through the steps that will need to be taken to quickly and in an efficient manner accomplish your objectives.  Some situations require immediate relief and we have the experience necessary to expedite your case.

Some of the trust and estate litigation services that we can assist you with include:

  • Appointment of Administrators and Trustees

  • Guardianship and Conservatorship Appointments

  • Will Contests

  • Removal of Fiduciaries

  • Trust and Estate Final Accountings


Buying or selling a home in New Jersey is an exciting time but it can also be overwhelming.  We manage and provide ongoing guidance to you during the transaction so that you can focus on preparing for your move.  Having an attorney and staff that are experienced and responsive during attorney review and the various contingencies and requirements of your contract is absolutely essential for a smooth transaction. The firm also handles commercial real estate transactions and will navigate you through all of the hurdles that can arise in those transactions including but not limited to contract preparation, due diligence investigations, commercial loan processing, environmental studies, State and local registration requirements, zoning, lease evaluation and “Green Card” violations.


So you want to start your own business…we can help.  The most important first step is determining the best legal structure for your new business.  You need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to carefully examine your business and goals and then come up with a plan that best protects your interests.  Our attorneys can provide that guidance and once your business has been formed, our attorneys will also guide you through and prepare any necessary contracts and other business forms that are relevant to your business, partner with your accountant(s) to make sure your accounting objectives are also reached and provide business succession and asset protection planning. 


Whether it’s a residential lease or a commercial lease, we can help you draft a new lease or review a broker prepared lease and make recommendations to better protect your interests.  “If only I had an attorney review this lease before I signed it” is a phrase we hear all too often.  If it’s a contract that you are about to sign, we can also review that and evaluate it based upon your goals and objectives and once again make recommendations to better protect your interests.  Our firm offers reasonable fee structures for lease and contract evaluations depending upon the type and nature of the lease or contract.  The money and time spent in having your lease or contract evaluated by our firm could easily end up saving you 10 or even 100 more times the time and money spent in having your lease or contract properly evaluated.


Sometimes disputes arise and you have no choice but to hire an attorney to help you resolve the matter.  Whether the dispute arises from a contract or perhaps a partnership dispute, our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in general litigation matters.  Of course, whenever possible, we will try to resolve the matter to your satisfaction but when that doesn’t work then we are prepared to go to court.  Cases are won and lost depending upon preparation.  When we are retained to represent clients in a general litigation matter, we take the time to completely evaluate your case and then take care of every detail in order to put you in the best position before the court. 


We’ve all been there.  That moment when an officer hands you a traffic summons can be a sinking feeling especially when you feel the charge is inaccurate or unfair.  Some municipal court violations can have significant and detrimental consequences to you though both financially and for criminal history purposes. In New Jersey, municipal courts provide a venue for disputing alleged violations of local ordinances and other laws.  If you have been issued a summons, we can help you in your defense and in most cases obtain a better outcome for you. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in municipal court matters and will fight on your behalf to obtain the best outcome.  If a matter cannot be resolved, then our attorneys are prepared to go to trial to defend your case.


Some of the municipal court matters that we can assist you with include:


  • Speeding, Careless Driving and other Moving Violations

  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident

  • Drug Possession

  • Underage Possession of Alcohol

  • Driving While Suspended

  • Assault

  • Neighbor and Land Disputes


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in a commercial or residential lease, we can help you with your tenancy dispute.  The landlord/tenant laws in New Jersey can be very difficult to understand and often times require an attorney to analyze your particular situation.  Interpretation of these laws requires an experienced landlord/tenant attorney and who is familiar not only with the laws but how they have been interpreted by the judges in our State.  We have found that preparation is the key and our attorneys will first try to resolve your case without having to go to court.  If that should fail, then our attorneys will guide you through all of the steps that will be necessary, file any necessary letters and pleadings and prepare your case for trial.

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